Jason Ulak by Andrew-Cebulka

Jason Ulak

chef de cuisine

Chef Jason Ulak currently serves as the chef de cuisine at Mercantile and Mash and brings with him vast and extensive experience. His attention to make employees the best they can possibly be is hard wired into Jason. He has a wide range of knowledge on traditional and non-traditional food techniques and the history of classical cooking which he loves to incorporate into modern presentations and flavors. He plans to use these attributes to raise the bar at Mercantile and Mash.

Previous to his role at Mercantile and Mash, Ulak held the position of Corporate Chef for GlowFisch Hospitality which operates Five Loaves Café, Sesame Burgers, and Beer restaurants. Ulak also has manned the kitchens of some of Charleston’s finest restaurants including Caviar & Bananas, Magnolias, SNOB, The Boathouse, and Long Point Grill. With the Mustard Seed Group, Jason served as the Corporate Chef, overseeing and designing the menus of all three concepts and six locations.

Ulak has appeared on the Food Network, cooked at the James Beard House, New York, New York, and was the recipient of the DiRoNA award for 1994, 1995 and 1996.

Jason holds a degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York, and was just previously an instructor at the Culinary Institute of Charleston.
When away from work, Jason spends time with his three children named Jacob, Noah, and Jackson.